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Challenges and Opportunities for OB


Challenges and Opportunities for OB

Responding to globalization:

a.       Increasing foreign assignments

b.       Working with people from different cultures

c.        Employees born and raised in different cultures

d.       Coping with anticapitalizm

e.       Movement of jobs to countries with low labor cost ( low cost labor)

f.         Balancing the interest of their organization with their responsibilities to the communities in which they operate.

g.       Min. wages are high in America

h.       Americans wear clothes from India and china

Managing workforce diversity

i.         Workforce diversity: gender, age, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, women, people of color, physically disables, senior citizens, gays and lesbians in U.S.

j.         Categories of workforce: ST,SC,OBC, EX-defense services, bonafide, displaced people

Improving Quality and Productivity

k.       Quality management:  the constant attainment of customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of all organization process

l.         Process reengineering

m.     Quality of processes and products

n.       Very good is not good enough

Responding to outsourcing

Coping with temporariness:

o.       Expanded capacity, advance technology

p.       Fast and flexible organization

q.       Flexibility, spontaneity, unpredictability

r.        Jobs are redesigned continue

s.        Computers at banks

Working in networked organization :

t.        Internet and computers

u.       Different work place for many people

v.       Job perform from home, Non-office location

w.     Independent contracts, telecommunication, software programmers

Helping employees in balancing work/life conflicts:

x.       Extension of office hours

y.       Communication and technologies

z.       Work at home, car, on beach

aa.   Dual career couple

bb.  Flexible work schedule

cc.    Provide job security

Improving ethical behavior:

dd.  Create ethical healthy environment

ee.   Minimum degree of ambiguity regarding what constitute right and wrong behavior.

Improving customer service:

ff.      Behavior and attitude of employees

gg.   Employees attitude and behavior are associated with customer satisfaction

hh.   Customer responsive culture

ii.       Friendly, courteous, accessible, knowledgeable, prompt in responding to customer needs.

Empowering People:

jj.       Decision making is being pushed down

kk.   Freedom to make schedule

ll.       Procedure and to solve work related problems

mm.                       Full control to their work

nn.   Self-managed teams

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